Piiña is a foreign language program that believes every child should learn a second language. We strongly believe learning should be playful, interactive, engaging, but most of all target every learning style, even if it’s in another language.

Our main goal is language retention through fun/ full immersion instruction! Our custom Piiña Sprouts curriculum will evolve bi/multilingual sprouts of all ages in no time! Your child will learn to communicate actively in one of our age appropriate classes. With all the fun, they won’t even realize that they are learning!

Our program was developed with children between the ages of 1-13 in mind. However, due to high demand we are pleased to announce that we now offer adult immersion classes as well.

Studies have shown that early language development leads to not only great developmental strides but also academic enrichment. Children are able to grasp another language easily, naturally and if learned at an early age sprouts will develop an authentic accent! If your child joins Piiña, they will be able to integrate the sounds, structures, intonation, and build vocabulary without rote drills or memorization. As children get older the ability to develop a more native-like accent becomes more difficult.

Our Piiña Sprout curriculum is extremely effective and our classes are affordable.

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Piiña’s mission is to improve the way children are taught foreign languages by providing fun, interactive, full immersion lessons that lead to optimal language retention. Our goal is to help children achieve their greatest potential as they grow and become confident, competent, bi/multi-lingual individuals of the future.

Here at Piiña we are committed to providing quality services to all our families and schools. We seek to improve the way children are taught foreign languages by instructing in a fun interactive way leading to optimal language retention.

Sprouts are exposed to another language(s) using various props such as puppets, music with movement, arts and crafts, stories, animated teacher instruction (dramatic delivery), and so much more! Our mascot, Oliie “the pineapple” attends every class and helps maintain the tempo. During class Oliie tends to chime in periodically to announce that he is ready to dance, start a new activity, tell a joke or whatever it takes to keep his friends engaged and focused. Class sizes are kept small (between 8-10 sprouts) to ensure quality instruction and to provide an opportunity for one on one instruction.

We believe every child deserves a chance to discover a new culture and learn a second language or multiple languages. Children from various ethnic backgrounds and their family members are encouraged to work together for optimal retention. We make sure to provide our families with the tools they’ll need for reinforcement outside the classroom.

Our skilled Piiña teachers provide a high quality, full immersion foreign language instruction. They put the students first and tailor the lessons according to the needs of the class/student. Our staff works effectively as a team collaborating, sharing thoughts/ideas, and personal classroom experiences. We continually update their skills knowledge and interest through formal and informal development training and workshops.

We strive to develop and maintain strong connections with our community by incorporating these valuable resources throughout our curriculum.