In our classes, sprouts learn another language in a similar fashion to the way they learned their first. The Piiña curriculum consists of Oliie “the pineapple”, music, Piiña storybooks, images, flashcards, mystery treasure boxes, lesson/theme related toys/props, crafts, etc.

Our native-speaking teachers immerse students solely in the targeted language through high energy:

  • Music & Movement
  • Games & Challenges
  • Story time
  • Role-Playing
  • Arts & Crafts
  • and More!

Classes are instructed solely in the targeted language! Themes are 8-10 weeks long, with the option of once or twice a week for 30 minutes or (1) hour. Our class sizes may vary but typically involve 8-10 students at any given time to ensure every child gets the attention they need in order to succeed on their road of bi/multilingualism.

We also offer a few additional components to enhance our lessons such as full immersion cooking lessons, science experiments, and cross culture social studies.

At Piiña we believe that the best way to learn a second language it’s to pack your bags and move to another country. However, that’s not always an option. Piiña has developed an amazing program that will bring the culture to children through games, songs, challenges, conversations, stories, but most importantly our teachers solely instruct in the targeted language!


Oliie was brought to life January 4, 2014 when he assisted in teaching his first group of students. Oliie only speaks Spanish and is on his journey to multilingualism. He is from Piiña Island, a fun island of many languages.

Oliie is full of energy and is always eager to make new friends! He loves dancing, playing games, learning new things, teaching his friends Spanish and so much more.

As a treat, and to motivate his friends to build healthy eating habits, after every class he rewards his friends with a fruit and a Piiña challenge. The challenges help his friends practice what they learned during class and give them something to talk about during the following class.

Oliie “The Pineapple” – Children are kept engaged with Oliie as he sets the tone of the class. He makes learning a language so much fun!

Piiña Challenges - After every class students will take home a challenge along with a fruit. Piiña Challenges allow family members to get involved in the language learning process.

Treasure Chests – Used to build suspense and dramatic delivery during instruction. A set of three treasure chests can contain a mystery game, story, new/old vocabulary, props, etc. Students love guessing what is in each box (hints are given in the targeted language)!

Flash Cards - Theme related cards to be used for at home reinforcement. These cards are updated with every theme.

Parent “Cheat Sheets” - At the beginning of each theme parents are provided with cheat sheets for at home reinforcement with their child. Families can stay involved and active in their child’s language learning. Parent involvement is extremely important!

Here at Piiña we are very diverse in our teaching methods! We implement the following culture specific information into our themes:

  • Cooking Lessons
  • Science Experiments/Exploration
  • Mathematics and Reasoning
  • Language and Literacy (Reading/Writing)
  • Social Studies

These components are implemented into our lessons on different degree levels depending on the age and skill level of the class.