Parents and Sprout Classes – (For Ages 1-3)

Parents and tots learn together in our parent/sprout class. Our dynamic teachers instruct the class as each parent mimics what is being taught to their tot. This class mainly focuses on building basic fundamental vocabulary.

Afraid that your tot won’t stay focused or sit still long enough to learn? No worries! This class was designed with toddlers in mind. As parents work hand and hand with their toddler our teachers make sure to keep an up beat momentum with the use of various props including puppets, simple games, music and movement but most importantly – Dramatic delivery and full immersion!

You wont believe how much your toddler will learn from the first class alone!

Sprouts Only Classes – (For Ages 3-9)

Our Sprouts Only classes are broken down into four age appropriate groups for full immersion instruction.

3-5 Year Old Sprouts

6-9 Year Old Sprouts

Since we welcome students to join at any age, classes are tailored to the need of each student per class. Our instructors are skilled enough to work with students on various targeted language skill levels.

Betwixt Sprouts Classes –  (For Ages 9-13)

Our Betwixt classes are similar to our Sprout classes with the difference that this class is tailored for pre-teens (adolescent youth?). Here Sprouts also work together to complete mystery tasks found in each treasure chest. They will experience more writing/reading prompts, mathematical challenges, cultural cooking, all while being taught solely in the targeted language.

Our preteens are raving about this program!

Bring Piiña to Your School/Program

It’s important that every child learns a second language or three. Times are changing and so are the demands/qualifications in the workforce. It is vital that we help the growing generation meet those demands by helping them become more marketable in their future endeavors. It is ideal to begin their journey to bilingualism when it comes naturally and easily. That time is now!

The world is becoming interconnected and it is imperative that every child learn a second language. Piiña offers a full immersion foreign language program for students in pre-school through middle school. Students of all ages enjoy learning a foreign language the Piiña way!

Our teachers create the ideal Piiña environment in any setting with high-energy instruction, props, music, and so much more! Students are able to break away from the traditional desk and chair learning setting and gather around on the carpet for fun full immersion instruction.

For schools wishing to institute a foreign language or expand on their current foreign language program, Piiña is the ideal program for your institution. Piiña is able to offer classes to students between the ages of 1-13.

We offer our services to various programs/institute such as:

  • Child Care Centers
  • Preschools
  • Elementary Schools
  • Before/After Care
  • Groups

We are able to tailor packages and pricing to suit your institution’s needs.

NEW Piiña Dulce (for Adults)

It’s never too late to learn a second language. Adults of all ages can participate in our Piiña Dulce class. Don’t worry textbooks are not required! The adult class is taught just like our sprout classes. We use games, role-play, a little music and movement, dialogues, and so much more to optimize on our instruction and student language retention. This is a full immersion program for adults so that means everyone in the class can only speak Spanish from day one! And of course Oliie “the pineapple” joins his friends in this class as well!

Inquire Today!

All of our adult classes are 8 to 10 weeks long, and are offered once a week for 1.5 hours a session.

Piiña Dulce Workforce Survival

We are also able to tailor packages for groups with specific workforce needs. Some examples of custom class packages are:

  • Childcare en Español 101
  • In the Kitchen en Español 101
  • Cleaning en Español 101
  • Errands en Español 101
  • Emergency en Español 101
  • Conversational en Español 101

These classes are designed to help English speakers communicate with Spanish speaking employees and coworkers. Don’t see a class that fits your needs? No worries! We are able to create a curriculum to fit your needs!